Curriculum Vitae
Bachelor Degree (Cum Laude)
Major - Interaction Design
Minor - Animation
Cape Town Creative Academy, Cape Town, South Africa.

National Senior Certificate
Constantia Waldorf School, Cape Town, South Africa
Distinctions in Design, Biology, English, Afrikaans and Life Orientation.
Work Experience
Digital Product Designer; Cape Town, 2020 -
Digital product designer and Webflow developer. Working on Large-scale clients both local to South Africa and internationally. Main focus on user experience and user interface design.
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Interaction Designer
Alexis Christodoulou; Cape Town, 2018
Interaction designer for 3D artist Alexis Christodoulou, tasked with handling site updates, mailers, letterheads, business cards and designing a new logo. His Instagram account has more than 123k followers.
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Artist Assistant
Justine Mahoney; Cape Town, 2016–2017
Artist assistant for Justine Mahoney. This involved high-detail acrylic painting on bronze sculptures. Justine's work is exported worldwide and featured in Miami Basel and The Southern Guild, Based in the Waterfront, Cape Town.
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Workshop Assistant
Lars Fischedick; Cape Town, 2015–2016
Workshop assistant, designing and building frames for Lars’ art pieces as well as assisting in art production and exhibition conceptualisation.
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Furniture Design and Construction
Kilo; Amsterdam, 2020 - Jan-March
Just completed a 3 month long internship in Amsterdam learning about furniture design and construction. In charge of production operations and CNC milling. As well as creating additional animated content for their social media accounts.

I’ve always had a love for furniture design in, and learning about it in one of the design capitals of the world has been an amazing opportunity.
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Interaction Design and Animation
Tiger Eels Design; Cape Town, 2019
A 4 month internship at Tiger Eels Design with the owner, Teager Eels. Assisted in making Webflow and web design a key part of the TED agency, designing a building a new site for an American client, Skeleton Coast. I also created animations for the TED brand providing them with added media content.
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About Me
Hey! My name is Bernhardt Meyer, I’m 23 years old and I am a BA Interaction Design (Minor in Animation) graduate from the Cape Town Creative Academy based in Cape Town South Africa.

For as long as I can remember I've been a "designer", from jewellery-making to steel-forging, to app-building to animation. My love for design originates from an awesome home with a kick-ass graphic designer for a mom. She taught me how to draw, how to think differently about problems, the value of aesthetics, about the oldest rock paintings in Lascaux, France and - in a world where everything is cloud-based - even how to burn a music CD in iTunes. The youth of today, right?

When I'm on a bicycle I'm at my happiest, whether it's in a woody mountain or long winding asphalt road. If I can't cycle, running does just fine - as long as it's outdoors. Oh, and cricket - I do love playing cricket too. 

The most valuable aspect of what my degree has taught me is that, to a large extent, everything is interaction design. Whether it's an app interface, the feeling of holding your phone without a cover or the smell of a new car. The way it works, the way it feels - both physically and emotionally. The success of a design is heavily graded on our interaction with it. This is what I find so fascinating. Like how bizarre it is that we continue to design chairs, even though we’ve made millions of iterations... Or the fact that we keep designing cars and shoes and typefaces.